Every major outdoor event you go to will have some kind of line of porta-potties, and it seems like there are never enough. One track ordered enough porta-potties, but they ended up shorthanded in the end because of a theft.

After a racing event at the Ludlow Autograss Club in Pencombe, Herefordshire on Sunday, track workers showed up to find there were 35 toilets missing from the track - and they hadn't been picked up by the rental company.

Portable Toilets

The intruders are believed to have cut the padlock to the gate and used a Ford Transit van and a trailer to take the toilets in the middle of the night after the race was over.

Three Counties Toilet Hire owner Neil Griffiths said the crime could destroy his family's business.

He estimated the loss of the 35 stolen brand-new johns to be roughly £40,000 ($48,687 USD) worth of crapper.

"Some of them were full as well, they didn't even tip them over. They just took them all one by one. It's all quite baffling. They aren't easy to move," he told DailyMail. "They took about a quarter of our total stock but it's about 80 percent of our event stock, so it's going to have such a big impact on us."


He explained that it's not just the toilets themselves, but everything else that comes along with them like sanitizers.

"It's everything else we put inside them as well, like sanitising units. We have events all booked in for next year. We don't know what we are going to do," he said. "There were two portable toilets for disabled users which were also stolen, which cost about £1,500 each. It's going to cost us so much money to replace them."

Griffiths was on vacation and found out about the theft when his son went to pick up the toilet on Sunday.

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