We all love some pumpkin pie, cookies, and pumpkin bread, sure, but what is actually in the main ingredient?

The label may say pumpkin, but it's not 100%. The can's contents are actually a mix of pumpkin and golden squash, which makes it denser and sweeter.

If you feel like you've been lied to, you can blame your government. The FDA has allowed cans to read "100%  Pumpkin" since 1938,  knowing what the contents actually are, the whole time.

If it was called "Spiced Squash Purée" you already know you wouldn't be able to get anyone to eat any.

The purée veggies make a mix that's rich in antioxidants. One cup has the amount of Vitamin A needed in a day.

You probably also don't know the difference between all of the spices you add; cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves to get the spiced pumpkin flavor everyone is looking for, so don't worry about what's in it, just eat it.

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