I've always heard these stories, but have never actually seen them for myself.

Yesterday I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, and after picking it up the pharmacist didn't staple the receipt correctly. She somehow missed the fold and it was hanging off of the bag while I was walking through the parking lot. I could see the reflection in the glass of my car and it looked like I was a playing flag football that's how long the receipt was hanging off.

I bought ONE thing and the receipt is THIS long. Seriously.

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So, when I got home, I was showing it to my wife. She said, "Yeah, where have YOU been? It's always like this!"

I thought, just for goofs, let's take out the tape measure and see just how long this receipt REALLY is.

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The funny part is, that it's mostly just coupons. Does anyone actually use these coupons? How are people supposed to even see the coupons if it's folded up and stapled to your prescription in the first place? How many trees did they have to cut down to create this receipt? I have so many questions.