Police say that dog poop helped them identify a run-away robber in Miami Florida.

Imagine walking your dog down the street on a lovely Monday evening. Your dog needs to take a potty break. The dog squats down and drops a big stinker that you now have to pick up. As you bend over with the small plastic baggie on your hands grabbing the poo you hear "GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY" and then suddenly you're being strangled by a stranger. Crazy story right? Well, that is what happened to this dog walker in Miami.

Miami Police Department
Miami Police Department

A Miami woman was walking her dog Monday evening when her dog decided to stop, drop, and poo. As she was picking up her dog's droppings, a robber armed with a knife approached her from behind, pushed her against a wall, and squeezed her neck.

The robber began removing the woman's watch and bracelets. A witness that was standing up on a balcony at the Biscayne Beach condominium complex started screaming. Police said the robber shouted "Shut up!" and took the woman's bag.

This poor dog was probably traumatized, and will forever have PTSD poops... Oh, and the woman was probably scared too.

Officers began searching for the robber, and about an hour later, William Carroll was found walking along Northeast Second Avenue near 32nd Street. The victim’s belongings and the kife were scattered along the way. Carroll fit the description of the robber and the witness from the balcony recognized him.

The one big piece of evidence that gave him away though, was the smelly dog poop stain on his shirt that matched the poop of the woman's dog.

Officers arrested the 62-year-old, of West Little River, around 11:50 p.m., outside of a Pizza Hut. Carroll is now facing charges of armed robbery and battery.
Watch News Report Here: NBC Miami

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