Thanksgiving's less than a week away, and if you're like me, you've told everyone dinner is at 6, which means you'll start prepping at about 4. Forget that. This is going to be the most organized Thanksgiving you've ever had.

This weekend, follow this list and be prepped for Thursday

  1. Clean out your fridge. Remember, you've got a big-ass turkey and a bunch of other food to cram in there. If you clear out the moldy pizza boxes and tupperware with stuffing from last Thanksgiving, you'll have room for all this week's stuff. Also, be sure to drink the rest of that gallon of milk you didn't finish before you bought and opened the new one.
  2. Check your pantry. Go through everything; spices, snacks, supplies, toilet paper, etc. You might be lucky and find a turkey bag because you bought a two pack last year.
  3. Take an inventory of all of your cooking ware, match all the lids to all the pots. If you've got more lids than you do pots and pans, maybe it's time to do a purge. While you're at it, double check all your plates, cups, platters, pot holders. If you want to be extra organized, use a sticky note to mark what's going to be made in what.
  4. Get all your grocery shopping done by Sunday night, we all know that Monday-Wednesday is not even worth driving yourself to the store because they're out of parking lots.
  5. Defrost that turkey. The USDA says that for every 5lbs you need a day to thaw in the fridge, i.e, 20lb turkey needs to go in the fridge tomorrow.
  6. Make those dips, vinaigrettes, air dry some bread for stuffing, make the pie crust.

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