We're in the heart of mosquito season. This is for all the people who don't need me to tell them that. It's possible reasons mosquitoes like you more than other people.

  1. You produce more carbon dioxide. Pregnant women produce more of it when they breathe, so do people who are overweight. A study in 2009 found it attracts more mosquitoes for some reason.
  2. You run hot. A study two years ago found they're attracted to people with higher body temperatures. Which could be caused by a fever or just being out in the sun.
  3. You have type-O blood. A study in 2004 found it attracts more mosquitoes than other blood types. Some of us also secrete a chemical that tells mosquitoes what our blood type is, if you do they like you more.
  4. You have a certain microbial make-up that mosquitoes love. Meaning the bacteria on your skin. Everyone's is different and mosquitoes like some more than others.
  5. You're a big drinker. A study in 2002 found mosquitoes were much more attracted to people after they drank beer. Even just one beer was enough to do it.
  6. You're just not being careful. If you're out camping and you're the only one without bug repellent on, then obviously you're a prime target. So be careful, especially when you're around lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

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