Brittany Bush and her husband heard a loud noise in the early morning of January 9th. When they found nothing out of the ordinary, the couple went back to bed.

When they woke up later that morning, they found the cause of the noise: a giant sinkhole had opened up beneath the garage. “As I was pushing the garage door open, my right foot was stepping into the garage and just kept going down,” Brittany said. “I was holding onto the garage door and looked down and just started screaming. I’m like, ‘Our whole garage is sunk down!'”

In that whole was the real shocker. A secret room was sitting below their garage with shelving units and a bunch of junk. So far the Bushes have found a children's toy, a handbag, hair curlers, and a letter.

The room does not appear on any official records and the couple hope they don't find anything nasty while cleaning it up. “They said don’t be alarmed if there is a body down there,” said Brittany.

East Idaho News
East Idaho News

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