She's the hero this country needed right now.


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Michelle Brenner made herself a giant pan of her grandmother's lasagna. She said in a moment of pride after shopping for groceries for some of her neighbors, she got on a community Facebook page to rant about how bad store-bought frozen lasagna compares to her grandmother's recipe.

“Hello favorite friends — I delivered a ton of frozen family-size lasagnas today. Now, this is not a problem by any means, lol. But you have a die-hard, full Italian lasagna lover living in your town.


If any of you want some fresh homemade, no calorie counting lasagna, please let me know and I will gladly prepare it.”

Michelle decided on setting aside her $1,200 stimulus check to buy ingredients, and pretty soon the requests started to roll in.

Michelle Brenner via Facebook

First a retiree, then an out-of-work friend, and on and on until 3 months later she's made nearly 1,200 pans.

Michelle Brenner via Facebook

For eight hours a day, seven days a week, she feeds her community, including hospital workers, first responders, single parents, homeless, jobless.

"The world as we know it is falling apart, but my two little hands are capable of making a difference," Michelle said, "I can't change the world, but I can make lasagna."

At first it was a pantry in the front yard with pre-assembled lasagnas set up as a take-and-bake.

Michelle Brenner via Facebook

She soon started a Facebook fundraiser which netted over $22,000. You can actually still donate to her fundraiser here.

One day, someone dropped off a special ordered t-shirt that read "Lasagna Lady", and the name just stuck.

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