Servers dressed as Power Rangers fend off an attacker who was choking a woman in a California restaurant.

Photo of the restaurant below:

Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear ranger suits! In Oakland California, employees at a Thai restaurant wearing Power Ranger costumes became real heroes when a woman was in distress.

The crazy incident occurred at Noka Ramen around 8 p.m. on Friday. The whole incident was documented in a now-viral series of tweets by a woman who was having dinner.

According to the Twitter thread of Pirapoken, a woman ran into the Thai-owned restaurant seeking help, "and a man came running in after her and puts her in a chokehold."

Two of the servers, the black and yellow rangers, sprang into action to de-escalate the situation.

The two Rangers told the man to leave, and the attacker began throwing punches and kicks at the servers. The Tweets said the man began shouting anti-Asian slurs, and the Yellow Ranger dragged him out of the restaurant by the collar.

"The man goes outside, starts picking up chairs, baby seats, and salt + pepper shakers to throw at the windows," said the Tweet thread.

"The patrons started getting involved in a way that was supporting and making sure everyone was safe," Pirapoken said.

By the time police arrived, several Power Rangers had piled onto the man, preventing him from continuing the attack.

Oakland Police detained the man, believing he was undergoing a mental health crisis, and transported him for medical attention.

This was the last Tweet of the thread:

The restaurant gave everyone who was in the restaurant at the time of the incident a free meal.

Read More Here: ABC7

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