One man has become the bane of restaurant owners and servers all over Iowa after years of dine and dashing. Most recently he's walked out on a number of bills in Cedar Rapids.

Police in Cedar Rapids are looking for Tracy Haas, the man identified as a serial dine and dasher. His most recent targets include Vernon's Bar and Grill and Fieldhouse First Avenue.

After being recognized by staff, Haas was followed by the owner of Fieldhouse First Avenue who confronted him. His photo is now posted and servers are informed to not serve him.

He apparently uses the same strategy each place he goes. Wait staff say he is very nice and polite to them and will usually step outside to have a cigarette, that's when he bolts.

His criminal record shows he's done this for years and was caught in Cedar Falls back in 2016. In all he has 15 theft charges.

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