Last week we heard about a guy who was killed when lightning struck his selfie stick. This week selfie sticks are saving lives. Go figure.

Erynn Johns a 16-year-old girl from Texas was with her parents at a beach in Nantucket, when all three of them got caught in a rip current. This will probably be the only time I ever say this, but thankfully she had a selfie stick.

Erynn was swimming with one, so her dad grabbed the end to keep her from floating away. Her GoPro was attached, so there's video.

The current was still pulling them out to sea and they were all struggling to swim. Erynn's dad is a former Marine and says he's never been so scared. Luckily, a guy named Tommy Vach saw them, jumped in and pulled Erynn out, then went back in to help lifeguards save her parents.

Erynn and her family went to the hospital, but they're all okay. They were able to thank Tommy in person after the local news tracked him down.