Earlier this month, Ashley Ringstaff got a call no mother wants to receive. Her son was on a school bus that was being swept away by floodwaters.

The Leander Police Department recently released dashcam footage of a school bus driving past a barricade and attempting to cross over a flooded roadway. The vehicle is quickly taken off the road and drifts downstream.

The only two people on board were the driver and Ashley's 12-year-old son, Jason. Ashley posted on Facebook that her son had called her in hysterics and told her, "he loves me and that he is scared and thinking he was going to die."

Emergency responders were able to locate the bus and rescue the driver and student. Police then arrested 57-year-old Nathan Scott Deyoung and charged him with endangering a child and not obeying warning signs. According to the school, he was also fired from his position.

Leander Police Department
Leander Police Department

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