I love this time of year because the crime blotters get more, um, colorful. There are so many people dressed as Santa getting arrested this month, it's hard to keep count. Here's a picture from an arrest in 2012. Looks pretty bad for the cops, but what other choice do they have? The Occupy Austin folks were doing some sort of "Chalk-in" where they draw crap on the sidewalk around the Texas Capitol. Now, it's illegal for some reason, but the occupy gang is pretty brilliant. They have kids come down and draw their wishes for the new year in sidewalk chalk, along with the typical dirtbag types, including this one fella dressed as Santa. Now, I can only assume that once the cops come outside, everyone stops drawing on the sidewalk, except for this St. Nick ripoff...which kinda forces the cops' hands, and they arrest Santa. He's making a big deal out of it of course, and the Occupy agenda of "Selective Enforcement" is complete.

from Youtube, and Occupy Austin.

Now there are other, funnier examples of Santa getting arrested (I've included a few mugshots below). But I love how the holiday spirit even seeps into the criminal element. A few stories this year include a guy dressed as Santa recording video of girls (and presumably guys) in a Target Dressing room. Really? Wouldn't you want NOT to attract the attention of kids telling the contents of their Christmas Lists while you are recording their mom in the changing room? Another was issued a parking ticket for parking his "Sleigh" in a fire lane during a toy drop off. That "Santa" hoped for the city to throw out the $6 fine due to the extenuating circumstances. Hey, Fake Santa--I can tell you from experience that those tickets are like gum on the bottom of your shoe--they never go away. Santa the Scofflaw.

This Santa was propositioning a 15 year-old girl online--when they arranged a meeting, the girl's mom and the cops were there. Ho! Ho! Ho! indeed Santa John, Apex Police Dept.
NYC police photo. Why is this Santa without his trademark red coat and suspenders? How low did the nudiity go? I am NOT sitting on his lap no matter how bad I want a Stretch Armstrong...