I love when everyone goes the extra mile for a party.

For instance, Halloween parties are great when the decorations are looking good, but it's even better when everyone gets involved and dresses the part! You can have all the candy and dry iced drink you want...but if no one is dressed like a Ghostbuster or a kid from Stranger Things, then is it really a party?

St Patrick's Day is a blast.  But it's even better when people show up wearing green, dying their hair orange, and drinking green beer.  You can have all the Irish drinking songs blasting, but if no one is wearing beads and painting 4 leaf clovers on their cheek, what are we doing?

Oktoberfest is no different.  It's a great party when you can show up and eat some kielbasas & sauerkraut.  But it's even better when a traditional German band is there wearing lederhosen and dirndls.

Time for a little taste of Bavaria right here in the Quad Cities!


Rocktoberfest is back this year at the  Lock & Dam Lounge on the Rock Island Arsenal and this event is open to the public. So, it's a great time to bring all your friends and family.

They'll have German-style food and a variety of beers for you too.  Plus live music from Muzik Krauts (traditional German music) and a local favorite Cody Road and they'll have fun activities for the kids!

Event Details

What: Rocktoberfest
Where: Lock & Dam Lounge, Building 60, Rock  Island Arsenal
When: September 30th 3 til 11 p.m.

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