Having worked at the Marvelous Brookfield Zoo in the past, I was often warned about the peacocks in the Spring.  When they are on the prowl for a mate, or happen to have one already and are protecting a nest, they can be quite violent.  I had heard.

Problem is, when they are their most beautiful, with their tails all "NBC" living color is a sign that trouble's a-coming.  So was the rumor.

Then one day, while innocently walking to Tonga Hut to serve my famous hotdogs…(calm down ladies) I cut through a green space and right into a den or pack of these vicious creatures.  It was all wings, beaks and screeches and talons.  I barely escaped with my life.  My pride was gone.

SO be aware this spring, as you head off to the Zoo--just last week in Houston, a privately owned peacock was said to be attacking residents of a suburb, and when police arrived, the deputy was attacked and used his taser in defense.  The peacock was also shot and killed.  While I feel bad for the peacock, I thank the cop for giving me my pride back.