There are tribute bands and there are tribute bands. Revelation - A Tribute to Journey started from the love and respect for the musicians that make up one of the best bands out of California, Journey.

Revelation - A Tribute To Journey are Five Talented Musicians that capture the sounds and magic of Journey, and they'll be at the Wild Rose Casino on Friday, May 12th, and Goose will be there to bring them onto the stage!

Danny Wayman with his amazing vocal ability, perfectly emulates the vocal style of Steve Perry, with the thunderous booming of Craig Shores on Drums and Vocals, Nate Holt providing the sounds on Keyboards, Rhythm guitar, and vocals, Curtis Anderson with the energy of driving bass and also providing voice as another lead vocalist, David Williams who amps up the sound with his electrifying work on lead guitar and Vocals, rounds out this amazing tribute band.

Revelation - A Tribute Journey has played on some of the biggest stages in the Kansas City area and beyond. Opening for “The Little River Band” on the Main Concert stage at Sturgis, playing for both the A.B.A.T.E. Boogie of Indiana and Kansas Bike Festivals with thousands in attendance, The Rock and Roll Dream Concert at the Sandstone Amphitheater, not to mention, Headlining on some of the biggest Casino Stages in the Midwest, and in the process Thrilling their huge fan base where ever they play.

With dedication and emphasis on detail, “Revelation - A Tribute To Journey” is a band that brings new meaning and energy to the word “Tribute”.

It's a free show open to the public, so bring the family!

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