Mark Starr is out rallying for support on his dream project. He's already poured the foundation, and soon workers will arrive to frame the home that will be donated to a disabled veteran.


Listen to our conversation with Mark below.


"My wife and I have been here for over 60 years," Starr said of Acton, Massachusetts. "We're able to live in a town like Acton because of those people that have been willing to sacrifice everything.

When he visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C, the gravity of the sacrifice made by soldiers for our lives set in. He started an effort called Come Home to Acton.

"I could not believe the effect that wall had on me," he said.

He said he found a vacant lot that had been for sale in his hometown for years, and talked the city into selling it to him for $1.

"It's probably been close to $40,000 worth of work done," Starr said. "From carpenters, plumbers, electricians, virtually everything to do with building a new home. I have people who are willing to donate time."

Mark is working with Disabled American Veterans to choose a recipient of the home.

He said many veterans don't qualify for special adaptive homes through the Veterans Administration.

"Veterans that due to working situations or car accidents or motorcycle accidents end up unfortunately in need of a wheelchair accessible home,” Stack said. “Those are the families that many times just cannot come up with the income they need."

Now, Mark is pushing for fundraising, and has even started a GoFundMe to help Come Home to Acton get to other towns.

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