If you grew up with a VCR there is a good chance the clock was blinking 12:00 at some point.  Growing up I would love to hear my parents say "please reset the time."  Yes! I could do something my parents couldn't do, and resetting the VCR clock became my childhood job.

I'm sure my parents "could of" figured out how to reset the time.... if they wanted.  But that involves finding the manual, and putting in effort.... and frankly... who has time for that?  Plus, kids love technology and helping out.  Turns out to be a win/win right?

Or, does there come a time in our life when we decide to give up learning new technology?

I see myself currently in a dilemma.  A new video game system has entered our household (PS4) and I'm having this internal battle.  Do I take the time to learn the inner workings of all the settings (like parental controls, etc.) or is this my technological roadblock?  Well I'm not ready to give in yet, (As I'm a little bit of a tech geek) but I can see how it would be very easy to throw in the learning towel.

Do you remember what technology created a learning roadblock for your parents?  Is there a product now that's not worth your time to learn?  What made you pass the technology torch down to your kids?