If you'll remember correctly...2020 sucks.  But there are some silver linings.  For instance, normally there is a Record Store Day in April and then again on Black Friday.  But with all the BS happening, they are expanding it to multiple weekends. September 26th, and October 24th and this Saturday August 29th.

I talked to Reid Robinson from Co-op Records in Moline.  He said, "a few of the artists with product are: Elton John, John Lennon, Billie Eilish, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Black Crowes, Black Keys, Iggy Pop ..lots more."

Co-op will also have all used products (vinyl, cd, dvd) on sale- buy 3 / get 1 free on Saturday.

They'll be requiring masks, offer sanitizing, have 6 ft spacing stickers clearly displayed for those standing in line.  Normally RSD product is right inside the entrance...but this year they'll have it spread throughout the store to decrease crowding.

Jon from Ragged Records in Rock Island said they're doing their Record Store Day records in the courtyard next to the store.  Along with the Record Store Day stuff they'll also have a table of $5 Discount New Vinyl.  Plus, Rozz Tox is opening early at 9AM and they'll be selling food and beverage from their walk up window right next door to the courtyard.

Masks are required and they'll have hand sanitizer on site.

The Underground in Clinton will be open too with all sorts of rare vinyl and collectibles. If you haven't been up North for a while...make sure you stop in & check out their awesome store.

If you want to see a full list of what is being released...check out RecordStoreDay.com.



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