"Forbes" magazine recently posted something on ways young people waste money. But it's not just the youngins that are wasting their money, a lot of these apply to everyone.


Most people waste most of their money by renting a place they can't afford. The general rule for budgeting is that you shouldn't spend more than 30% on rent. Many people think they should have a sweet place as soon as they get their first entry-level job.

If you find yourself getting Starbucks every morning or going to Target to buy one thing, and buying five other things you don't really need, you're screwing yourself. That mindless spending on little things is essentially throwing money out.

Being lazy is also pretty harmful to your wallet. Let's say you get home from work and decide you're too tired to cook and end up ordering food instead. That 20 bucks you just spent will add up really fast if you do it several times a week.

You should be paying for things you need before you buy things you want. Like $15 a month for HBO, so you can watch the new "Game of Thrones" season that's still two months away or $100 a year for Amazon Prime, just so you can buy more stuff you probably don't need.

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