Anybody who's had a run-in with a raccoon knows just how mischievous they can be. Seems like they're always able to get themselves into situations that leave us scratching our heads.

A reporter in Falls Church, Virginia snapped a photo of a raccoon gripping the ladder on the back end of a trash truck. “As soon as we found out that the raccoon was on the truck, the driver pulled over because we didn’t want the raccoon to get injured,” said Anna Wilkinson, communications director for American Disposal Services.

The raccoon's ride was estimated to have lasted for seven miles and it was unharmed when it finally climbed down.

The City of Falls Church released this statement:

The City of Falls Church Police Department responded today to a report of a raccoon riding on the back of a waste disposal vehicle. Police officers arrived on the scene near Hillwood Ave. and attempted to catch the raccoon, which appeared to be unharmed. The raccoon avoided capture and escaped towards the Larry Graves park area.

This raccoon did not appear to be sick, and citizens should not be alarmed if they see a raccoon during daylight hours. However if you see a raccoon showing signs of illness or hitching a ride on a vehicle, please contact the City of Falls Church Police Department at (703) 241-5053.

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