Recently, an article about a plane flight to Hawaii was getting a lot of traction. The reason this flight was so interesting was that everyone on board got a free ukulele. Not only that but they were taught how to play it on the flight. (This sounds either really fun or really annoying.)

We heard that APPARENTLY anyone can learn how to play the ukulele in only 20 minutes.

Only 20 minutes!? No way. We decided to test that. So we called upon the local Quad City Ukulele club.

attachment-Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 3.27.24 PM

Phil (top left) came into the studio with 4 other members of the Quad City Ukulele club to show us how to play an easy song.

We learned a song called "Tulsa Time" which only had two cords, F and C. Here is the sheet Phil gave us with the lyrics and chord changes.


While on the air, we played around with the ukuleles and listened to Phil share his story about how he first started playing when he was a little boy. Then, during the commercial break, the club taught us how to play the song Tulsa Time.

We came back on the air after we learned the song in 20 minutes, but were we good at it? Absolutely not... But we did our best! Here is our "performance."

After we performed our horrendous version of Tulsa Time, it was time for the Quad City Ukulele Pros to take over. This is where they show us up.

At the end of the day, we learned it is possible to learn the Ukulele in 20 minutes, but there is a good chance you will not be good at it. Thank you again to the QC Ukulele Club for taking the time to come into the studio and teaching us something new!

Happy Uke-ing!

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