Building a hockey franchise in a hockey-crazy town is a great idea. Re-building a hockey franchise is a task more daunting.

And since the announcement of a new Quad City Hockey team for the Southern Professional League, owners of the Storm, John Dawson and Ryan Mosley have been busy.

Naming a coach, Dave Pszenyczny, who only last year played in the league, and for the team that will undoubtedly become the Quad Cities' best rivalry, was a great move. Last week's signing of another player with SPHL ties, and ties to the Quad Cities already, is another great move.

Nicola Levesque, or Nick, signed last week to play on the same ice his brother Patrick spent 3 seasons on during the Mallards' later seasons.

Anyone who has spent any time watching the dek hockey sport take off here in the Quad Cities is already familiar with Nick since he spends a good part of his off-season scooping up trophies with his D1 dek team, playing along side his brother and another former Mallard, goalie Marty Fillion. Nick's style of play both on the ice and the dek is the same. Go fast, hit whoever happens to be in your way on the way, and fight for the puck.

Seems like he'll fit right in.

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