The Quad City Storm have announced their new head coach, just a month after announcing the departure of Coach Dave Pszenyczny.

Thursday morning at 10am, the hockey organization announced that the bench boss position of Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations is a name familiar to us.

Shayne Toporowski is the uncle of former Quad City Storm assistant coach Jake Toporowski and the brother of Quad City Mallard great Kerry Toprowski. He currently resides in Worcester, MA with his wife, Stephanie, and children, Dmitri and Olena.

Prior to his coaching career, Toporowski played 18 seasons of professional hockey in the NHL, AHL, multiple top-level European leagues and ended his career in the CHL with the Quad City Mallards. During his single season in the QC, Toporowski was a player-assistant coach, assistant captain and tallied 11 goals, 21 assists and 87 penalty minutes through 61 games.

Toporowski began his coaching career as an assistant at Holy Cross College in 2013. The following season he departed to become the Head Coach at Worcester State University where he remained for six seasons. As Head Coach he led the team to 58 wins, including 15 in the 2018-2019 season - the school’s winningest in 42 years. Toporowski coached three Storm players during his tenure at Worcester State; Rich Ledy, Alex Pommerville and Mike Moran.


A formal press conference will take place at 11am, streamed on the Quad City Storm's Facebook page.

Read more at Quad City Storm's website. 

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