Tony Carducci is a local luthier entering his eleventh year of giving the Christmas gift of a guitar to those who may otherwise not be able to afford them.

Those guitars are donations from Quad Citizens who pull that old dusty guitar out of the back of their closet that they haven't touched in years. They get it to Tony, he restores the guitar to quality, and with the help of the Quad Cities, he finds a person who can use it.

Recipients of the instruments range from kids and veterans. Last year, instruments went to 17 recipients. It's not always just a guitar - Tony has gifted guitars, basses, ukuleles, mandolins, and more.

But, they don't just get the instrument, it's a full kit that comes with a small amp and strap.

Over the years, Tony has given the gift of music to dozens of kids.

Tony's message for the 2023 holiday season is that NO GUITAR IS TOO DAMAGED. That damaged and cracked guitar still has a good neck. That broken neck still has good tuning pegs.

This year, Tony has a need for not just the guitars, but the accessories as well. If you don't have a guitar to donate, maybe you have something else laying around, like:

  • Small Amps
  • Soft Cases
  • Tuners
  • Picks
  • Straps

This year, Pawn Central has volunteered to be a dropoff location for donations this year, with three locations:

So, check around the house for those guitars you haven't touched in years, and use it to give the gift of music to someone.

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