Davenport artist Kalli McCleary has a chance to gain a MUCH larger following! Her artwork was chosen as a finalist from among 3,000 entries and could be in your hands this summer.

Kalli McCleary via Pabst Blue Ribbon
Kalli McCleary via Pabst Blue Ribbon

Since 2014, Pabst Blue Ribbon has used their label as a blank canvas, highlighting artists around the world. The art can contest honors an emerging artist by putting their work on 30 Million cans.

McCleary now only needs a little push from us to make it over the top. Winners will be announced this Friday, so hop on over to and vote for her artwork (she's number Fifteen). Just give them your name and email, and tell them you love number 15 (The other spaces need not be filled out) and hit "Submit." You don't even need to drink beer! But it might help.

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