For those of you that know Nathan Bird, you know his love for attention, but you also know his passion for giving and helping others. He's been a chaperone on the Honor Flight. He's been donating to various animal shelters for as long as I can remember. He's only been working for HyVee for a short time, but they quickly took notice on how giving their new employee is.

Shortly before Christmas, Nathan aka Dirty Bird, decided to up his game. With help from his employer he set his sights on a new place to help, the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.

It all started with donating some HyVee pizzas to the kids and snowballed from there. With the help of HyVee, Dahl Ford, RESCUED, and QC Coverage this has evolved into a full on toy drive.

There's been such a big response to the toy drive that Nathan wants to fill the semi trailer that's parked in the lot of HyVee on Utica and 53rd.

Nate and company will be taking all the pizzas and toys up to the children's hospital on Tuesday, February 27th. Here is a wish list of toys along with the rules for donating: University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics – In-Kind Donations

For more information, follow the Stead Family Children's Hospital Toy Drive on Facebook.

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