If you've ever taken a kid trick-or-treating, you know that the best house is the one you see all of the parents leaving with an ice cold beer.

We decided we need to normalize this. If you're buying candy for the kids, the least you could do is buy some beer for the parents who absolutely need it. I mean, chances are you're going to be sitting there drinking anyway, why not share the love, man?

To help out, we took some of the most popular mass-produced beers and assigned them to Quad Cities neighborhoods, so there's not too much overlap. This also gives you the option as a parent to decide where your kid is trick-or-treating based off the type of beer you'll be able to get. If you choose a border area of a neighborhood, you can mix it up and get three or maybe even four different types of beers.

It breaks down like this:

Google Maps
Google Maps

This is where you look at the map, and if you're headed to pick up candy for this weekend, you figure out which cases of beer you're getting. Now, I know you're thinking, "That's too expensive."

Here's an interactive, blown up version of the map to see where your house falls in:

For like $50, you've got about 72 beers for 72 parents. You have to figure, there's typically only one or two parents per group of kids. I see it as for every 4 kids, there's one beer (for a parent, of course.)

Let's start this tradition, and take care of the parents who've had to deal with their kids through all of the pandemic and the home schooling and all that. It's time to take care of the people going through what we went through for 18 years.

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Of course, if you've got the cash to support a local brewery and give that out, by all means, pick your poison and spread the cheer.

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