Following the lead of numerous other parades and events across the country, the St. Patrick's Society of the Quad Cities has decided to cancel this weekend's 35th annual bi-state parade.

Longtime friend of the show and former St. Patrick's Society President, John Scally, told us in a text message late last night

After much hand wringing, the parade has been cancelled as of moments ago. A health department official almost demanded it. Our current President agreed.

We'll be speaking to John later this morning, and we'll get the full rundown.

bagpipers marching in a parade
2sirius, Flickr

Along with the parade being cancelled, so are the Irish Luncheon and the 10 o'clock mass. So the St. Patrick's Society is completely shutting down all their events in the lieu of safety concerns.


Here's our conversation with John Scally from this morning.


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