When the Quad Cities comes alive this weekend with its annual St. Patrick's Day celebrations, try to keep the noise down so our cranky old neighbors at Wallethub.com don't yell at us to get off their lawn.

Those financial geniuses have listed the top 200 places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the area with the only bi-state parade didn't rate? Now, we may not be Chicago or Boston (Where the first St. Patrick's Day parade originated), but they are trying to convince their 500 users that we don't even rank as high as Des Moines, Rockford or Cedar Rapids? What a bunch of Blarney!

To these math nerds, stats and figures are the way to celebrate ol' St. Pat. "WalletHub compared 200 of the largest cities across 17 key metrics to find the best places to wear green and save some, too. Our data set ranges from Irish pubs and restaurants per capita to lowest price for a three-star hotel on St. Patrick’s Day to weather forecast."

Ooh, dazzle me with your metrics there, Einstein. I'll be too busy at Steve's Old Time at 9 A.M. Then in the Parade that crosses the Mississippi freaking RIVER, then in downtown Davenport, then on to Kelly's at Front Street. The Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, then Kavanaugh's on the Hill, a number of Irish pubs and eateries throughout the day before heading off to the Taxslayer Center for R.E.O. Speedwagon and Styx (With our own blinking-green section!) There are literally hundreds of celebrations that make up the Quad Cities' Green Day. Maybe if I had written it as "R.E. O'Speedwagon," Wallethub would have taken notice?

Not taking anything away from the fine folks in Fort Wayne, or Boise (Both are better than here according to Adam McCann, who compiled the article) but until you've vomited green beer all over your shoes in front of Mac's, can you really judge us over here?

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