Soldout War is a band from Fulton, Il.  They made a lot of buzz last year when they participated in 97Xposure.  They actually rented a bus to caravan their fans down to Rascals for the show!

One thing I love unconditionally is a good blues influenced rock & roll band...and Soldout War has undeniable soul. A great rhythm section, smooth raspy vocals & a ripping guitarist is nice too!

Guitarist, Joe Ballard, actually interned for me as a production assistant in 2014.  I'm not sure he benefited at all from doing my mundane day to day stuff...but it got him some college credit. Plus, it's nice for me to say "I knew him when..."

In this episode of QC Songwriter, we talk about Soldout War's song "Burn". Listen to the behind the scenes take and then check out the killer video way below, filmed and edited by Joe Gibbs

  1. Name of the band: Soldout War
  1. Member names and what they do:

Dylan Drury: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Joe Ballard: Lead Guitar

Brett Rauch: Bass

Travis Ray: Drums & Percussion

  1. What kind of music you play: Rock
  1. Influences: City and Colour, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, Stone Sour
  1. Where to find your music: Facebook and YouTube
  1. Where the band is from: Fulton, IL
  1. Contact information for booking: 563-613-2179 or
  1. Any equipment or product endorsements (No)
  1. Upcoming shows you’d like to promote?

The Redstone Room in Davenport, IA (February 25th)

Hook’s Pub in Clinton, IA (April 22nd)

Poopy’s in Savanna, IL (May 26th)

  1. Have you opened for any regional or national bands? We have played with The Zealots, Condor & Jaybird, Remember My Name, Alborn Theory and will be opening up for The Rumours at Hook’s Pub in Clinton, IA on April 22nd
  1. Favorite band memory or accomplishment: Recording our first full-length album with our producer Aaron Isaacson.

You like to see me burn right beneath your feet
I can't take the struggle of the pain you bring to me
Your lies like candles in the rain
Constantly going astray –

Burn all your bridges down then I'll
Turn my back on you then
Take all my troubles away (Hey!) so I can Break you down

Your love is all your love is hate
And you come from no ordinary place
You come from the fire deep down below
And I can not offer you anymore self control

credit: Joe Gibbs
credit: Joe Gibbs

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