Your parents set the soundtrack of your life when they take control of the radio in the car.  That's when Chris Carr, singer/guitarist for Ghost Town Choir, found love for 70's rock. Music he connected with it because of the melody...not the ego that goes along with music in other genres.

Ghost Town Choir is from around Monmouth, Il and formed in 2010. Chris Carr, Brian Glasgow, Adam Stuart, and Eric Christian are the members who put together GTC's 3rd album called Starfeather which you should stream below.

Whether it's music or art (Chris also does the artwork for GTC's albums) he says he creates by finding something that catches his eye or ear and builds on it. It's nice when you don't have to think about it and it just happens.

"The ones you really like you don't remember how they came to you."

Chris started out as a drummer.  He recalls hearing Nirvana and it hitting him that you don't need to be a virtuoso to write good songs.  It can have just 3 chords and be something meaningful.  About half the time Chris will write on his own and bring it to the band for everyone to put their stamp on but it's more fun for him to collaborate with the band in one room.  That's how this album was created.

You can stream their latest effort, Starfeather on Spotify (below).  Chris is looking forward to getting the physical CD's and even vinyl.

Here's their latest video they recorded in quarantine for a song called Delaware from their latest album, Starfeather.


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