World renowned painter and pinstriper Jim Hetzler has done everything you can do with an artists' brush.  I don't want to say he's been around a long time, but that's his work on King Tut's face mask.  However,  the ONE THING he's always wanted to do, is build a bike with legendary builder Paul Teutul of Orange County Choppers fame.

Jim Hetzler has been creating custom paint jobs for nearly 40 years, right here in the Quad Cities. If you've ever been to the Dwyer & Michaels Rod and Custom Show, you've seen Hetz.

Jenna Sue Photography
Jim Hetzler

He's entered a contest in which the winner gets the opportunity to build a custom motorcycle with Orange County Choppers' Paul Teutul, Sr.

Jim has a plan for the bike he might win already.

"I would want to go back to the grass roots of choppers from the early days of the 60's and combine the technology of today's design into one bike. Actually I would love to do a tribute to Ed Roths outlaw car. Using that as a guide with colors on paint, pinstriping, white walls, mag wheel on rear with wires on front and a whole lot of OCC attitude!!!"

If he wins, he's taking his new bike to Sturgis, where he's never actually been.

The two of these guys working together just might create the greatest bike project ever built! But not without your help.  Please click on the link and vote for our friend Jim, who, by the way, also did some sweet pinstriping on Noah's Ark.

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