The site conducted a survey where they asked 200 psychics 10 yes-or-no questions about the upcoming "Star Wars" movie "The Force Awakens".


The psychics did a "three-card Tarot reading" for each one, and the site analyzed the responses.

The big question was, "Will Han Solo die in 'The Force Awakens'?" And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 70% said yes, while only 30% said he'll survive.

Here are the other nine questions:

"Will the movie start with the words 'Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away'?" 90% said yes, and 10% said no.

All six previous movies have started with "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." You'd think at least one of the 200 psychics could have detected that discrepancy.

"Are Han and Leia still a couple?" 67% said no, and 33% said yes. Of course, the trailer shows them embracing briefly, although that doesn't mean much.

"Is Kylo Ren related to Darth Vader?" 80% said no, while 20% said yes.

"Will Luke Skywalker die?" 88% said no, and just 12% said yes. He doesn't appear in the trailers that have been released. But again, that doesn't mean anything.

"Will Darth Vader, a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker, appear in the movie, aside from being represented by a burnt-out helmet as seen in trailer?" 66% said yes, while 34% don't see that happening. Even a flashback would be fair game for this one.

"Will there be a new Emperor?" 68% said yes, and 32% said no.

"Will a new Death Star feature in the new movie?" 85% believe there WILL be one. For some reason, the site says 22% said no, which doesn't make sense since those numbers add up to 107%. Apparently someone goofed on that.

"Will the movie be more successful than the most successful movie of all time, 'Avatar'?" 93% said yes, and 7% said no.

"Will 'Star Wars' creator George Lucas make a cameo appearance?" This seems a little random, since George didn't make cameos in any of the others, it would be a way to connect him to the new trilogy. 58% of the psychics see this happening, while 42% don't.

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