For the first time in more than 10 years, The Dwyer & Michaels Prom From Hell is sold out!  We are so pumped to hear these awesome bands, see your awesome outfits and just get weird with you all!  Soul Storm, Dirt Road Rockers, and Electric Shock are gonna BRING IT!

Prom Sold Out

We even had the Rock Island Holiday Inn re-configure the room to add capacity, and then we sold that out too!  Thanks for getting your tickets early, and if you missed out this year, we better see you next year!

Thanks to Bent River Brewing Company for really coming on board with the special themed beer, and to The Camera Corner, The Lucky Workshop, and QC Design for what are sure to be the best prom photos ever!  The D.A.V. has a great selection of retro accessories if you're still putting together your ensemble!  You're all Kings and Queens this year!  Shooting Sports has also been on board with Prom for the last few years!

Thanks for all your support over the years!  We're gonna have a party!

Dwyer & Michaels


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