I've been struggling, you guys. I'm not gonna lie. Every time I see a story of someone who mows down a group of people, I hope that it's the last one. But who am I kidding? Who are we kidding? This is the course we are on. And changing course can be hard. But it can also be easy.

Easy for me, and for you, to make small changes in our behavior that can and will have an impact down the line. I truly believe that. The only way to prove me wrong is to try these ideas, and see for yourself.



This isn't a fast-food recipe for peace. I'm one guy. I just absolutely believe that if we don't allow each other to struggle or fail alone, eventually there will be more helpers than help needed.

I think we're built for peace. I believe it's more natural to love than to hate. But fear makes it seem easier to hate what we don't know, than do the work it takes to love. So I try not to be afraid to make somebody's day. I also screw up a lot trying.

I ache for the families of the victims. A physical, knot in my stomach ache. I want to make grand gestures to make sure that it won't happen again. But I'm one person. Small gestures are more my speed.

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