A couple in California has lost over $1000 worth of packages after a porch pirate made a stop by their house. Inside the packages were much-needed medications, Amazon orders, and clothing.

The porch pirate was caught on the couple's home surveillance camera taking the three packages before they'd even been on the porch for 30 minutes after delivery, and the theft took place in the middle of the day.

"It just happened to be a day we weren’t at home," Jason Hawkes told KCRA. "We typically are working from home, and it was also the same day where three packages came that are much higher value than we would typically order on the same day."

KCRA 3 via YouTube
KCRA 3 via YouTube

Jason said he had a message from UPS at 12:04pm that the packages had been delivered. At 12:28pm, a neighbor's camera saw the vehicle stop outside of the Hawkes' house. Then, at 12:30pm, a woman was seen on the couple's camera stealing the packages right off the front porch.

"The medication actually was the most upsetting because that’s something that’s necessary," Vishi Hawkes told the outlet. "I think to demonstrate the point of feeling violated, that feels really personal, and it is personal."

The even more (or less) surprising part of the video was when the woman bent over to grab the package, what police say is most likely a white anti-theft tag from a store was seen attached to the back of her pants. I'm no fashion expert, but I'd say she got those pants similarly to how she got the Hawkes' packages.

KCRA 3 via YouTube
KCRA 3 via YouTube

Rocklin Police Department's Sgt. Gren Jensen said police are looking into the matter, and are seeking a gray Ford Focus driven by a woman in her 30s or 40s.

In California, any theft valued over $950 makes the crime a felony.

In the future, the Hawkes said they're going to ask for signature required deliveries from now on.

"We can see if there's an issue in a certain neighborhood, and maybe we can direct more resources toward that neighborhood to stop the problem," Jensen said.

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