Donald Carter went to a Popeyes in Kansas City, Missouri last month, he talked to the woman at the drive-thru for only 30 seconds. That half a minute inspired him to change her life.

That woman is Shajuana Mays. Carter says she was really nice, but looked exhausted and he asked what else she does. Shajuana said she was saving up to go to nursing school.

That's basically all they said, and he left. While he was eating dinner, Carter decided to see if he could help her become a nurse. He started a GoFundMe page and asked friends to donate.

His original goal was to raise $1,500, because he thought that was enough. When someone told him that's just what she'd need to become a certified nursing assistant, he upped the goal to $7,000.

That should be enough to become a "licensed practical nurse," which is closer to an R.N. If she needs more, she's got it, over $14,000 has been raised.

Carter went back to Popeyes after the GoFundMe page took off. She had no idea, so she freaked out and gave him a big hug.

Read more at The Kansas City Star.

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