There was a string of burglaries recently in Stratford, Connecticut. One of them was at 11-year-old Rebecca DePietro's house and she got a quick look at the guy.

When the cops asked her to describe him, she drew a picture. I'm going to be a little harsh here, Rebecca is not a good artist. It was basically a lousy kid's drawing of a guy with some scraggly facial hair.

(Stratford Police Department)

But it was a lead. The cops compared it to one of their suspects last week, they felt like he looked close enough to the drawing that he was worth investigating.

He's 32-year-old Pedro Bruno. It turns out he was the burglar, he confessed to everything.

(Stratford Police Department)

The Stratford police chief says, "For us to take that sketch and match it up, it was remarkable. Maybe she's part of our next generation of detectives." So they honored Rebecca in a ceremony on Thursday.

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(Sacramento Police Department)
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