A police officer in New Jersey responded to a call of loud music disturbing a neighborhood. He let them play an encore before they wrapped up, but with one condition.

Officer Dan Carrone with the Elmwood Park Police Department told the kids they could play one more song to bother the neighbors, but he had to sit in on the drums with them.

"I walked into the crowd, and went to talk to the guitarist between songs, I said, ‘Hey, do you know Basket Case by Green Day?’ And they're like, ‘Yeah, we all know it,’” Carrone told News 12. "They go to give me the microphone, and say, ‘Hey, you wanna sing it?’ I'm like, ‘No. I'm not a singer. I'm a drummer, I'll play with you guys.’”

Now, when a cop tells you he wants to play drums, you just let him. You hope he's decent, but either way, you know your band is probably about to go viral.

Officer Dan was not just able to hold his own, but actually played almost exactly like the recording.

Elmwood Police Department's Chief Michael Foligno called the drumming “textbook community policing at its best.”

I imagine 15 years ago, he probably looked like one of these long-haired tank top-wearing hippie kids, and played like crazy.

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Someone out there better book this guy some gigs.

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