You tend to hear every pickup line when you're hanging out at a bar, and the ones that are compliments tend to get misinterpreted sometimes - this time, the response was so misinterpreted the cops had to get involved.

Police in Ontario say they were called to a restaurant in Belleville around 5:30pm on June 3rd to reports of a woman with a gun.

When they arrived, officers spoke with a man who was definitely intoxicated outside of the building.

Drunk Business Man with Tie on Head and Glass

He told officers that he was trying to start a conversation with a woman at the bar, and started off with telling her she smelled nice and that he liked the perfume that she had on.

He said she then told him that she was carrying a gun. Feeling threatened, he called 911.

“When officers spoke to the female, she provided a VERY different account of the events,” the release reads.

The woman explained the name of her perfume to the guy, and she said "Juliette Has A Gun," which the guy interpreted not as the brand that offers fragrances (one of which is in a bullet-shaped container) but he was thinking more along the lines of an Aerosmith song.

Officers spoke with staff in the restaurant and a "quick Google search" both corroborated the story of the woman.

Police say the incident was explained and resolved peacefully, and officers ensured the man got home safely afterwards.

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