Christopher Sale, 61, was hungry, so he swung through the Taco Bell drive-thru like any of us would. He drove his 2021 Ford Ranger about two miles from home to get to the nearest Taco Bell, where he placed his order.

When he got to the window, the employee at the window "looked into his vehicle and immediately noticed that he was completely naked,” according to the arrest report.

Despite the fact that he was in his birthday suit, the employee accepted payment from Sale, and gave him his food with the hopes he would leave and the encounter would be over.

Then Sale asked for an additional taco to be added to his order. Not wanting to be exposed to a 61-year-old's naked body any longer, the employee walked away and another employee came to the window. This employee told police she could "clearly and easily" see Sale's genitalia.

After Sale got his extra taco, he didn't pull away. He then asked for more sauce. Then once he got the sauce, he asked for napkins.

When he finally left, they went to take the next order, which turned out to be Sale who had driven around the building. According to the report, he “asked for even more sauces.”

Employees called police as soon as they heard it was him, and officers arrived to find him in the drive-thru, still with no clothes on.

The officer noted in the report that there were no clothes in the vehicle, only a white bath towel on the passenger side floor.

Sale told the officer, “I didn’t know it was against the law to drive naked," and explained “his clothes were all in the washer and he got hungry.”

On the way to jail, the officer wrote that Sale talked the entire time about how unfair the arrest was, and said his genital area was covered with a green towel the entire time.

Sale was charged with Felony Indecent Exposure.

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