While Broadway and other major theatre districts across the country may be getting the big-budget, big-name productions, that doesn’t mean you should overlook the local theatres in your area. It’s possible you’ve never gone or haven’t for a while.  Here is a great reason to get out and support a local theatre.

Playcrafters Barn Theatre is hosting the G.I.T. Improv troupe on April 23rd to help raise money for their “Raise the Roof” campaign!

According to a recent FB post:

Playcrafters’ roof began failing seriously while we were shut down in 2020. It needs to be replaced, and as you can imagine, replacing a gambrel roof of this size is a very expensive project. Insurance will only cover replacing less than half the roof (parts damaged by winds in 2020); we have raised a few thousand beyond that amount But, when reopened mid-year in 2021, it was a struggle just to put on shows, much less mount a major capital campaign. The insurance company informs us that, if we don't get the roof project done by this spring, they will reclaim the funds they did give us. We've kept that money aside and we can give it to them...but that would mean we would be at Square One again.

Tickets are only $10 and all the proceeds will go to fixing the roof so they can keep Playcrafters open!

All ages welcome, you can buy tickets online at here or they will be for sale at the door (while they last.)

Come out to show support for this 93 year old tradition.  Or if you’re not able to make it (or perhaps the tickets are sold out) you can donate via your PayPal account here.

Playcrafters has been producing community theatre in the Quad Cities since 1929, one of the oldest surviving theatre companies in the area.

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