A tech company called Dragontail Systems Limited announced last week that is has deployed a fleet of drones for restaurants to carry meals to delivery drivers in remote landing zones.

The drones will be flying pizzas out of a Pizza Hut location in northern Israel starting in June.

Current weight limits are around 5.5lbs, meaning 2 pizzas and a bottle of soda, according to their report. Pizza Hut said they hope to increase the weight limit by the time the trial run begins in June.

Pizza Hut says the drones won't deliver directly to customer homes, but instead landing in a government-approved landing zone, like specific places in a parking lot, within 50-square-mile area.

With increased demand for meal delivery during the pandemic, CEO of Dragontail, Ido Levanon, said the drones will prove to be "vital to the current crisis impacting the restaurant industry."

"Our drone deliveries provide restaurants and delivery drivers an opportunity to reach an extended customer base while doing so in a safe and cost-effective manner," Levanon said in a written statement.

Dragontail says they're also working with food chains like KFC and Domino's to "optimize" delivery. They say the system deploys the drones in a manner that insures the food will arrive to the customer still hot, and the company can better track the location of the drone.

Flying the drones to the landing zones will use less battery than flying door to door, but will also expand the delivery area, adding around 7,000 homes to the test site's delivery area.

Before the program begins, Dragontail and Pizza Hut will be will be flying six test flights a day.

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