Occasionally a bunch of random chemicals come together to make magic, I guess.

A pineapple-flavored version of Mountain Dew is out now, and apparently, people LOVE it. It's called Mountain Dew Maui Burst and the reviews are pouring in online.

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#review — @mountaindew Maui Burst // So first thing, this is currently hitting shelves at @dollargeneral ONLY, rn. Not sure if there’s plans to see other stores, but I assume there is. Probably gas stations though. EITHER way, this is the #new Mountain Dew Maui Burst with a “splash” of Pineapple flavor. This 16 oz can has a whopping 0% juice in it, so for those looking for something healthy...keep looking. It’s got a classic neon yellow look but I feel its a tiny bit cloudier. The smell and taste though are obviously different. But different from the regular. This actually reminded me of LiveWire a lot. The “natural flavors” I pick do have pineapple but I also get citrus too. Like more than I would have thought. Not that its a bad thing though. Honestly, I like this better than LiveWire. It’s not 100% in-your-face sweet like LiveWire. It’s a mellow pineapple/citrus flavor that still holds true to the classic Dew flavor. I could see myself crushing a couple of these if it came out back in my soda years (yea, I had soda years, don’t judge me). Great Dew flavor and the pineapple/citrus complements it very well. I hope this hits other stores soon...DG isn’t that close to me. Haha. Overall: 8/10 . . PS: check the #caffeine in here on the next pic. Solid buzz here. . UPDATE: this is only a DG exclusive. No other plans for release to other stores. . . #mountainDew #newDew #mtnDew #MauiDew #MauiBurst #mountainDewMauiBurst #newmountaindew #dollargeneral #exclusive #dadbod #dadbodsnacks #neon #gamerfuel #hawaii #new #limited #getsome

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If you're interested, the flavor is only available at Dollar General, but the Mountain Dew enthusiasts of the world believe it's worth the trip.

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