I love PETA, because they always pop up unannounced to let us know how we're treating our animals wrong. A lot of people take their dog out on a leash to do their business, and consider a few minutes out in the elements to be a successful bathroom break, but the head of PETA says you're doing it all wrong, and gives some tips on how to make the trips better than they could be.

Here are four tips to make trips outside a little better for your dog . . .

  1. Realize what a big deal it is for them. Going for a walk is a major event for a dog, especially if you don't have a yard. So stop thinking of it as something you HAVE to do, and think of it as something they look forward to. Quote, "It's more than a bathroom break, it's an excursion."
  2. Give them more time to sniff stuff. You don't have to let them smell the same tree for 20 minutes. But don't constantly yank them along with you. Think of it like this. Sniffing things is your dog's way of reading the news.
  3. Be more involved, not so distracted. Dogs are smarter than we realize. And they can sense when you're not truly present with them. So don't stare at your phone the whole time. Try to be more involved in their walks.
  4. Stop walking them with just a leash and collar. A harness is better and won't hurt their neck as much. Especially when they lunge at stuff.

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