In today's day and age, the internet being out at home means our life comes to a standstill. Most of us have switched to streaming for all of our entertainment, and play video games online to decompress from work, and many of us do that work online from home. It's frustrating when your internet is out and you have to wait even a day for a repairman to come by, and it's even more frustrating when they have to wait for equipment to come in. One guy in Pennsylvania couldn't handle it.

Police in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania say there's a man who is facing multiple charges, including one felony charge, after pulling a gun on his internet service repairman in Pike Township on July 14th.

Service Technician Taking Order

State police say 62-year-old Clyde Smay prevented the man from leaving his home after the work he requested was not completed.

According to the police's statement, Clyde Smay was in an argument with the repairman, and during the altercation, Smay grabbed his firearm and made threats at the victim.

The press release states that during an investigation, police learned that Smay was a felon and is prohibited from owning a firearm.

Gun pointed isolated on white bakcground
Boris Katsman

According to state police, Smay was released from the Clearfield County Jail after posting bail.

WJAC reports that the court dockets show Smay faces one felony charge of possession of a prohibited firearm, one charge of terroristic threats with intent to terrorize, one charge of false imprisonment, one charge of simple assault, one charge of harassment with threatening language, and one charge of harassment with physical contact.

Court documents show Smay is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on July 26th.

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