A lawyer from Marin County California was arrested after he planted a camera in his ExWife's bathroom at a teen's graduation party.

The graduation party was held on Tuesday at a Petaluma home. During the party, one of the guests had gone into the bathroom and found a GoPro camera in the cat's litter box. The camera had been recording for 30 minutes.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Police were called to the home and they investigated the incident. No one at the party admitted to owning the camera.

As police watched the film they discovered images of the person who had placed the camera in the litterbox.

Turns out the person who hid the camera was the Ex-Husband of the homeowner who was throwing the party for her 17-year-old daughter.

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Officers were able to obtain a search warrant and arrested the man in Corte Madera.

Police booked the man into the Marin County Jail on a misdemeanor count of electronic peeping. His bail amount was $15,000. He is currently free on bail and declines to make any comments.

Here is my take on this story. Think about this theory. The Peeping Tom is the Ex of the homeowner. I assume the ex-couple once shared the cat. WHO SAID the man put the camera in the litter box to watch people? MAYBE he really misses the cat. MAYBE he wants to make sure the cat is having good bowel movements or MAYBE he has a weird fetish-like love for the cat. Now, I'm not saying what this man did was right, BUT, I am saying, he might be weirder than we think.

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