The driver of a Greyhound bus headed for Dallas was forced from out behind the wheel by the passengers she was transporting. Passengers were terrified that the bus would crash.

The trip from Phoenix to Dallas took a strange turn when passengers noticed the driver was pinching herself on the cheeks with tweezers in an apparent attempt to stay awake. She was asked multiple times to pull over by the 60 people riding the bus.

Finally they had enough. A confrontation started when the driver stood up to argue while the bus was still in motion. That's when the passengers took control of the situation.

Greyhound issued the following statement:

We are currently looking into these allegations, as we take the issue of driver fatigue very seriously. Because safety is the cornerstone of our business, we take necessary precautions to prevent drivers from falling asleep while driving and we make it easy for drivers to be reassigned if they do feel fatigued or don’t feel confident that they can operate the bus safely for any reason. Our drivers are in regular contact with our dispatch office, and if they state they are feeling tired or fatigued, they are immediately removed from the schedule for at least 12 hours to allow them to get some rest. Once they feel alert and able to return to work, they may do so.

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