A man in Jonestown, Pennsylvania was denied entry to Wednesday's Philadelphia Phillies game because he brought his emotional support alligator with him.

Joie Henney and his gator, Wally, have become sort of local celebrities over the years, amassing a pretty large following on TikTok as well. Wally is known as the only emotional support alligator on the planet.

He's also sort of a film star - Wally was cast in the Disney+ series Loki as the character Alligator Loki.

According to Henney's friend who attended the game with him, said the three of them were denied entry after upper-level security got wind of what was going on.

“We were fine for a while,” she told Mediaite, “and then the top security came and that’s when we had the issues.”

According to the security, because Wally is an emotional support animal and not a service animal, security was within their rights to deny entry.

In an interview with a YouTube page called The Philly Captain, Joie said he's never bitten anyone, and loves to have his chin rubbed.

“His chinned rubbed? You can kiss my ass,” The Philly Captain said with a laugh. “I ain’t touching no chin.”

CBS reported on Wally in 2022, saying that Henney revealed he found Wally in a Disney World pond when he was just 18 years old, and the two have been bonded ever since.

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